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The Value of Hearing Aids and Health

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Hearing isn't just about your ears. It's about your brain, your relationships, and your ability to work. Being able to hear and pick up on the signals of life helps you function more fully in every way. Today, nearly 36 million North Americans have some degree of hearing loss*, putting them at risk for depression, anxiety, isolation, and even dementia. But the good news is that 9 out of 10 people with hearing loss can be helped with hearing aids. It's a simple solution that will bring you not just sounds but ideas, understanding, connections, success and joy.

The Miracle-Ear Advantage

  • LEADING-EDGE TECHNOLOGY, customized to your unique hearing needs, preferences and lifestyle
  • 65+ YEARS OF INNOVATION in hearing technology, starting with our introduction of the world’s first all-in-the-ear hearing aid
  • THE PEACE OF MIND that comes with a satisfaction guarantee, plus a 3-year limited* warranty and 3-year loss and damage protection
  • A LIFETIME OF AFTERCARE at no extra charge, including hearing aid checkups, cleaning and adjustment
  • A COMMITMENT TO COMMUNITY through the Miracle-Ear Foundation, which partners with local Miracle-Ear representatives and donors to provide free hearing aids and services to eligible adults

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Do You Need A Hearing Test?

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One Day Without Sound

One Day Without Sound

Taking one day to recognize how difficult it is to have a hearing impairment gives us a chance to consider the ways we take care of our hearing throughout the year, in all types of potentially harmful listening situations.

The Effects of Untreated Hearing Loss