5 Celebrities with Hearing Loss and How they Manage

When we think of celebrities, we often think of perfection. And yet, they’re more like us than we think. Between the typical tinnitus ear ringing or muffled hearing ability in busy places, these common indicators of hearing difficulties affect even the most well- known stars. Read on to learn about 5 famous figures who deal with hearing loss and how they manage.


Chris Martin- Coldplay lead singer, recently revealed in an interview that after a warning from his doctor about Noise-Induced Hearing Loss, he now wears earplugs at all his concerts. The frequent exposure to loud music has already caused some hearing loss to the 41-year-old, but with the use of hearing protection, further damage can be prevented.

William Shatner- Even Captain Spock is subject to the nuisance of tinnitus ear ringing! He’s managed the condition by undergoing Tinnitus Retraining Therapy (TRT). Centered around retraining the brain, the treatment uses directive counselling to reduce anxiety surrounding the tinnitus and sound therapy to stimulate the brain and distract from the ringing. Shatner shared that he uses an in-ear sound generator – a device that is constantly sending sound waves to his brain – as his main method of treatment.

Bill Clinton- This former US President was in a familiar situation to many. With urging from concerned family members, he completed a hearing test which indicated he suffered from High-Frequency Hearing Deficiency – the most common loss – in both ears. Described as an inability to hear clearly in busy places (restaurants, theatres, political rallies) with a lot of background noise, Clinton now sports completely-in-the-canal (CIC) hearing aids.

Whoppi Goldberg- Academy Award Winning actress and co-host of The View, revealed on-air that she wore hearing aids under her infamous dreadlocks because of hearing loss from listening to loud music for years. This revelation came during a segment on the World Health Organization's recommendation  to limit listening to a maximum of one hour a day to prevent hearing damage. She urged viewers to be proactive in their hearing health stating, "If you have any hearing loss, make sure you go and get yourself checked out, because... if you can stop it, you should. Stop it in its tracks because not being able to hear is a bit of a [pain], I can tell you that from experience".

Eric Clapton- Even Rock N Rollers have to deal with hearing damage! Legendary guitarist and songwriter admitted recently, he has developed hearing loss and tinnitus in both ears because of years of performing loud concerts. How he manages? Clapton receives treatment from Hearing Healthcare Providers and only listens to classical music through headphones now.

While hearing loss can be a sensitive topic for some, these outspoken celebrities show there’s no shame in receiving help for a common medical problem. By discussing hearing difficulties in mainstream media, the stigma attached to the condition can be reduced and those who need help can receive it judgement-free. If you or a loved one is experiencing any symptoms of hearing loss, please reach out and book a FREE hearing test today.