Miracle-Ear Accessories

Technology to make your listening experience easier.

Miracle-Ear® offers a broad catalogue of hearing aid accessories designed to make your hearing aids function with Bluetooth® technology and work seamlessly for years to come.

GENIUSlink and GENIUSlink App

Wirelessly connect the GENIUSlink audio streamer to your Bluetooth® – enabled devices to hear your favourite sounds clearly. Use your GENIUS™ 2.0 and GENIUS™ hearing aids with your MP3 player, phone, TV, and other audio sources to hear directly in both ears. One multifunction button makes it convenient to switch between multiple audio devices. The optional GENIUSlink app offers additional control of the sounds that you want to hear, whether in front, back or to the side. You can also connect and listen to your favourite apps (such as Facetime, Pandora®, Google Maps, Apple TV ® and more!). The app is free to download on Apple® iTunes or GooglePlay™ app stores.
Miracle-Ear GENIUSlink and GENIUSlink App
Miracle-Ear mini MEBluConnect™ & Remote App

mini MEBluConnect™ & Remote App

The mini MEBluConnect audio streamer is simple to use and works seamlessly with ClearVation™ hearing aids. Wirelessly connects to cell phones, MP3 players, TVs, and other audio sources. The optional Remote App allows you to control the mini MEBluConnect with your Android smartphone. The app is free to download on the GooglePlay™ store.

Bluetooth® Transmitter

The transmitter connects to non-Bluetooth devices such as your TV, DVR, laptop, MP3 players, and more to function as a Bluetooth signal. The transmitter then sends the sound directly and wirelessly to your hearing aids via the Miracle-Ear® audio streamer.


The companion microphone connected to the Bluetooth transmitter is small, lightweight and is worn by the person who is speaking to you. The microphone allows you to hear as though the speaker is standing right next to you. Useful in noisy environments and meetings to improve speech understanding.


An all-in-one charger and hearing aid dehumidifier. This charger eliminates the need to handle small batteries while also removing moisture in the hearing aids while charging. Change batteries once a year.
Miracle-Ear Charger

ME Control Remote

A user-friendly remote control with volume change, program settings, a built in alarm clock and more! This remote control is the perfect accessory when a smartphone is not available.

CROS/BiCROS Transmitter

The perfect solution for people with an unaidable hearing loss in one ear. CROS RIC detects sound received on the wearer’s unaidable side and transmits it to any wireless GENIUS™ 2.0 hearing instrument in the other ear.
Miracle-Ear CROS/BiCROS Transmitter