Hearing Aid Cleaning and Care

The better you take care of your hearing aids, the better they will take care of you.

Follow these easy tips for cleaning and caring for your hearing aids to help them last longer and stay in top condition.

Establish a regular cleaning routine.

Setting up a simple cleaning routine, which you do automatically every day, is one of the best ways to keep your hearing aids in top working order. Each morning, wipe the hearing aids gently with a soft, dry cloth to clean away any grime, oil, or wax that accumulated the previous day. Use a soft brush to clean the microphone cover, and use a wax pick to remove any wax from the receiver tube. You can clean earmolds of behind-the-ear hearing aids with a wax pick, or you can remove the earmolds from the tube and wash them in soapy water. At night, store your hearing aids in the same location to make sure they are not lost or damaged accidentally. Avoid keeping your hearing aids in the bathroom. It is best to store them in a cool and dry place.

Keep earwax in its place.

Earwax is completely natural and healthy, but it belongs in your ear and notin your hearing aids. A wax pick will help you remove wax from the delicate inner parts of your hearing aid. To avoid excess wax build up in your ears, practice good ear hygiene by washing out your ears periodically with an at-home irrigation kit.

Minimize moisture.

Moisture build up is one of the most common reasons why hearing aids need repair. To avoid this problem, you can invest in a hearing aid dehumidifier or drying container. Simply remove your hearing aid batteries and place the hearing aids in the container. Overnight, the dehumidifier will dry them out.

Practice safe storage.

If you will not be using your hearing aids for a long period, make sure to switch them off, remove their batteries, and store them in a dry, cool place.