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We Guide You Every Step of the Way


Purchasing a hearing aid is not a decision to be made lightly. So it’s assuring to know that with Miracle-Ear® you’re working with the brand America trusts. From the first personalized consultation, you’ll see that our priority is to listen, and to work together with you to address your specific hearing needs. We’ll make sure to find the solution to match your unique lifestyle. Our large selection of hearing aids is designed to help you hear your best every day.


Setting the Standard in Hearing Solutions


The technology of hearing has advanced enormously in the past few years, and Miracle-Ear technology sets the standard in hearing solutions. Miracle-Ear offers a wide variety of sizes, shapes and styles so you can choose the one that best fits your lifestyle.


Our Newest Technology


Miracle-Ear is proud to introduce you to our newest technology – GENIUS 2.0 with Speech Isolation. We believe that hearing should be as easy as possible in a variety of environments and by combining three key technologies – digital noise reduction, directionality and amplification, our very own Speech Isolation defines easy listening. GENIUS™ 2.0 builds on the superior audibility and key features introduced with GENIUS™, but takes this brand new cutting-edge technology to the next level.


"To be completely honest... I really don't remember what, or who, sent me to Miracle-Ear - but I do know I would not have been expecting a "Miracle", but some way, somehow, it happened!! I honestly believe the people at Miracle-Ear were mainly concerned (and continue to be) with how much they can help my hearing problem, and not with how many dollars they can make off my hearing problem."