Exercising with Hearing Aids

Keeping a healthy lifestyle is just one of many ways to keep your brain and body, functioning at their best. Many customers are concerned about exercising or playing sports with hearing aids. However, the latest technology in hearing aids is designed to make sure you can enjoy doing all the things you love - including exercise.

Things to Keep in Mind

Speak with your Hearing Care Professional


As you’re selecting your new hearing aids, be sure to tell your provider about your lifestyle and all the activities you hope to enjoy. Many Miracle-Ear hearing aids are designed to be water and dust resistant, to ensure they’ll function properly wherever you go.

If you’re starting a new exercise regimen, don’t hesitate to call your hearing care professional with additional questions. The specialists at Miracle-Ear Centres have heard it all. From questions on exercising to how best to keep moisture and sweat out of your hearing aid, we’re here to help with questions, suggestions and everything in-between. Call your local centre and start the conversation today!


Don’t sweat the small stuff: Remember that your hearing aid comes with a lifetime of care and our exclusive 3-year warranty*.

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Go for Fit and Comfort

We’re dedicated to helping you find the right hearing aid for your lifestyle. From custom made solutions designed to fit your ears uniquely, to ensuring proper fit and sizing for our behind-the-ear models; we will make sure that your hearing aids are perfectly comfortable.

Don’t Leave your Hearing Aids at Home

Whether you’re at the gym or out for a brisk jog, exercising without your hearing aids can be risky. Being able to properly hear traffic and background noise while outside can be the difference between safety and serious injury. It can also be very dangerous to mishear or completely miss a warning or instructions while at the gym. Your hearing aids are designed to make every part of your life better, so don’t leave them at home when exercising.

Dealing with Sweat and Moisture

For rigorous exercise, or if you’re more prone to sweating consider purchasing a hearing aid sweatband or sleeve. If you purchased a charger for your hearing aids at Miracle-Ear this device also doubles as a dehumidifier. Any moisture concerns will get taken care of overnight, as you charge your hearing aids.