GENIUS™ 2.0 Technology

Miracle-Ear is proud to introduce you to our newest technology – GENIUS 2.0 with Speech Isolation. We believe that hearing should be as easy as possible in a variety of environments and by combining three key technologies – digital noise reduction, directionality and amplification - our very own Speech Isolation defines easy listening. We even offer the option of a 100% rechargeability, giving you 24 hours of use on a single charge. GENIUS™ 2.0 builds on the superior audibility and key features introduced with GENIUS™, but takes this brand new cutting-edge technology to the next level.
100% Rechargeable Hearing Aid Battery

Say Goodbye to Batteries

Changing batteries are a thing of the past with Miracle-Ear’s 100% rechargeable hearing aids. Our first ever built-in power cell provides 24 hours of continuous use on a single charge, allowing you the freedom to make the most of your day.

Fast: quick charge delivers long lasting performance

Hassle-free: no charging contacts to align with inductive charging

Flexible: charging cable can be used with common power sources used almost everywhere

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Easy Listening

GENIUS™ 2.0 Technology is designed to make listening easier. This new technology utilizes Speech Isolation to highlight the most prominent speaker. By isolating the target speech from all other sounds such as background noise and unwanted voices, GENIUS™ 2.0 is the perfect companion for almost any situation. This new technology uses a combination of features automatically working together to monitor your environment and easily focus on conversations all around you. GENIUS™2.0 effectively improves speech understanding while in a variety of noisy environments.

Unique Situations

GENIUS™ 2.0 maximizes your listening enjoyment of music, difficult-to-hear places and outdoors. The Music Master in GENIUS™ 2.0 has up to three unique situations that enrich the music for a variety of preferences, whether listening or performing. Echo Guard softens the sounds that reflect off of hard surfaces such as ceilings and walls for a more pleasant listening experience. Wireless Windscreen reduces wind noise automatically outdoors, in the presence of wind, and replaces it with the desired sound that you want to hear. All of these features and more allow you to easily communicate during your favourite activities.

Sound Quality

GENIUS™ 2.0 wirelessly combines input from both hearing aids in order to deliver a rich natural high-definition digital sound quality. Much like two ears working together, GENIUS™ 2.0 features work in harmony to enhance speech, even in the most unique listening situations. This cutting-edge technology adapts to your environment and provides an extraordinary bilateral listening experience. Phone Surround transmits the signal from one hearing aid to both hearing aids automatically resulting in reduced listening effort. And, when unaidable hearing loss is present in one ear, the Wireless CROS and BiCROS solution is available to allow you to hear sounds from both sides.

Simple Control

GENIUS™ 2.0 hearing aids can be conveniently adjusted from your iOS or Android smartphone with the free GENIUScontrol App – No additional hardware is required. This easy-to-use app controls the hearing aid volume, programs, bass/treble, battery status and more. Speech Navigator allows you to focus on the conversation that is important to you by a simple tap on the screen. Change your focus to the front, back or sides; it’s as discreet and simple as sending a text. The GENIUScontrol app is available for all GENIUS™ hearing aids – even the smallest custom model. You can also connect to your favourite Bluetooth devices and stream your favourite audio via the GENIUSlink streamer. Enjoy listening to your cell phone, music, TV and other audio wirelessly and directly to both ears.

GENIUS 2.0 Hearing Aids

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 GENIUS 2.0 CIC Hearing Aids


Offers sound directionality with a single mic

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