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Miracle-Ear GENIUS BTE

Noise Reduction
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The Miracle-Ear GENIUS BTE features our exclusive GENIUS technology. This hearing aid is a behind-the-ear style and offers the convenience of being rechargeable, customizable and impressively versatile. Extended bandwidth and frequency compression allow you to hear sounds that may not have been heard by the human ear. The device even features automated data recall that will help your hearing care specialist see your usage history and make more accurate adjustments.

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Exclusive and Innovative Technology. Fully Programmable.

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GENIUS BTE Hearing Aid

The GENIUS BTE offers you cutting-edge technology, taking listening to the next level:

  • FeedBackFS 2.0, providing the fastest feedback reduction available and virtually eliminating embarrassing “whistling,” even in the presence of a microwave
  • SoundBoost™, to help manage extended exposure to high-frequency amplified sound and give you a more natural experience at concerts or other sound-rich events

At Miracle-Ear, we believe hearing should be comfortable no matter where you are or what you're doing. This is why the GENIUS BTE features digital noise reduction and Wireless Windscreen to minimize unwanted noise.

Intelligent Peak Smoothing™ is a unique feature that reduces spontaneous short-duration loud sounds, so you are no longer bothered by amplified noises such as a plate shattering on a kitchen floor.

GENIUS BTE Hearing Aid
GENIUS BTE Hearing Aid

The GENIUS BTE also features directional microphones that can detect the location of unwanted noise and automatically adapt its settings to make understanding speech easier. VoiceTarget360 also zeroes in on the people and conversations you want to hear. In addition, Speech Navigator allows you to manually focus on the sounds that are most important to you.

Directional microphones are among the most popular of the advanced technological developments for hearing aids.

Better hearing at the touch of a button. The free iOS and Android apps allow you to zoom in or change direction of the microphones in your hearing aid using your smartphone app, as well as adjust volume and programs. Compatibility with the GENIUSlink Bluetooth Audio Streamer channels audio from nearly any Bluetooth-enabled device directly into your hearing aids.

GENIUS BTE Hearing Aid

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