Changing Lives

Magda's Miracle-Ear Story

Magdalena Zielinski is a Miracle-Ear Hearing Instrument Specialist at our Mississauga, Ontario location.

Magda's passion has always been to help people and she knew that her career would lead her to healthcare. With nearly 10 years experience, Madga is driven to deliver the highest standard of hearing testing and selecting, fitting, counselling and dispensing hearing instruments to help her clients hear better days.

"Changing lives using the latest technology to help people hear again, is a perfect fit for me. As a Hearing Instrument Specialist, I have the ability to continue my professional education and continuously grow my career to best help my clients. My main goal is offering clients the best hearing healthcare, beginning with the initial consultation through to ongoing follow-up care."

Miracle-Ear Foundation

Miracle-Ear Foundation

Since 1990, the Miracle-Ear Foundation®, together with our donors, has donated over 10,000 hearing aids to more than 6,000 individuals. We do this because we believe everyone should have the ability to hear a better day.
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