Hearing Music Again

Mary's Story

Over a period of three years, Mary noticed a slow decline in her hearing. She ignored it, but it persisted. She didn’t want to be seen with hearing aids. And her hearing loss was hard to accept, particularly given her musical talent.

 “I tried to play the piano and the organ and sing,” says Mary. “But my hearing loss was becoming a great hindrance. It was so disappointing to stop playing.”

 When Mary realized that she could no longer make music, she decided to act.

“I got a set of open-fit hearing aids and I couldn’t believe the difference! They were made for me. I can hear my grandchildren and my husband again.”

“Hearing aids have made all the difference in the world. My joy has returned. Life is good.”

Mary was pleased that her hearing aids were discrete and virtually unnoticeable. 

“What a blessing and a relief to not worry if my hearing aids showed. We recently had a family reunion and we both could hear everything that went on. We didn’t miss a beat!"