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Miracle-Ear ME2275 BTE

Custom Fit
Noise Reduction
Feedback Cancellation

The Miracle-Ear ME2275 BTE is a fully-programmable, digital hearing aid, custom-designed by a Miracle-Ear consultant to fit your needs and lifestyle. This hearing aid is available in standard, medium and high power models as well as a standard earhook and/or slim tube. Additional features include fastest feedback reduction available and ability to manage extended exposure to high-frequency amplified sound.

Colours Available


Expertly Fit. Fully Programmable.

  • Sound Quality
  • Comfort
  • Understanding
  • Connectivity
ME2275 BTE Hearing Aid

The ME2275 BTE is designed to improve sound quality with

  • Up to 16 channels
  • Feedback cancellation: Virtually eliminating background noise
  • Frequency compression: Allowing you to detect sounds that may have not been heard by the human ear

At Miracle-Ear, we believe that not only should you experience your best hearing, but using our hearing aids should be comfortable in any situation. That's why the ME2275 BTE uses the latest digital technology to reduce noise and make hearing more comfortable in a loud atmosphere.

ME2275 BTE Hearing Aid
ME2275 BTE Hearing Aid

Of the many advanced features developed for hearing aids in recent years, directional microphones are among the most popular. The ME2275 BTE features an adaptive directional microphone, which can detect the location of the strongest source of unwanted noise, and adapt its settings to reduce noise on contact.

Better hearing through better technology - that’s what each of our convenient applications offers. The ME2275 BTE comes with free iOS and Android apps that allow you to control volume and programs with a single touch. Data recall allows your hearing care provider to access your usage data to ensure better adjustments at each visit. And the acclimatization manager automatically considers the need for auditory adaptations to acclimatize new wearers to more appropriate amplification levels over time.

ME2275 BTE Hearing Aid

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