Miracle-Ear Provider Stories

Hear from some Miracle-Ear hearing care professionals and why they love helping people hear better days.

Magda's Story

Magdalena Zielinski, Hearing Instrument Specialist, Miracle-Ear Mississauga, ON

"Changing lives using the latest technology to help people hear again, is a perfect fit for me. My main goal is offering clients the best hearing healthcare, beginning with the initial consultation through to ongoing follow-up care."

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Magda's Provider Story
Michael's Provider Story

Michael's Story

Michael Chu, Registered Hearing Aid Practitioner, Miracle-Ear Edmonton, AB

"Every individual has a story. Uncovering issues my clients face allows me to take the proper steps to improving their hearing health. Witnessing the vast improvement that a hearing device can bring to one’s social life and overall quality of life allows me to derive great meaning from the work that I do and keeps me inspired."

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Heather's Story

Heather Roney, Registered Hearing Instrument Practitioner, Miracle-Ear New Westminster, BC

"It is so important to be available to our clients; be there to answer questions and help them in their journey. We don’t know what challenges people face in their lives, sometimes we can make a positive impact just by being an ear to listen. Having these experiences with our clients is what I love about working at Miracle-Ear!"

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Heather's Miracle-Ear Story