Hearing Aid Styles to Fit Your Needs

From the nearly invisible to the most powerful

Miracle-Ear offers a variety of hearing aid styles to match nearly any preference and lifestyle. Some devices are designed to fit snugly atop the ear, while others are custom molded to fit directly into the ear canal. Whichever one you choose, our highly trained hearing care professionals will make sure that you or your loved one will be ready to start hearing better days.
In-the-ear hearing aids

Custom-Fit Hearing Aids

In-the-Ear (ITE) or Custom hearing aids are uniquely molded for each individual ear. This allows for incredibly easy handling, insertion and removal, and for the most subtle style available. It fits securely in the canal, is simple to control and provides optimal directionality. The nearly invisible, GENIUS 2.0 Mirage, is the most popular of the custom hearing aids. 
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RIC Hearing Aids

The RIC (Receiver-in-Canal) is our most popular hearing aid style available today. The RICs are lightweight, comfortable and discreet. They offer the most natural sound quality without that "plugged" feeling in your ear. These hearing aids offer versatile amplification and fitting options and can come with a customized ear mold for the dome. The form for these devices allows for immediate in-office modifications when needed, and come with an optional rechargeable battery.
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Receiver-in-canal hearing aids
Behind-the-ear hearing aids

BTE Hearing Aids

The Behind-the-Ear style, or BTE, is one of the most versatile formfactors available. It fits nearly all types of hearing loss, and comes in a Super Power model for maximum amplification. The BTE comes with a comfortable, custom ear mold that is easy to clean and is moisture resistant. It offers direct audio input, and is available in rechargeable models.
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