The Cost of Hearing Aids

What are you really getting when you purchase a set of hearing aids from Miracle-Ear?

Purchasing hearing aids is an investment in your overall health and wellness. That is because with Miracle-Ear, every set of hearing aids comes with a lifetime partnership to care for your hearing health.

We believe the price of hearing aids should be transparent and include all the elements for which other healthcare companies, and even some of our competitors, typically charge. Included in the cost of your hearing aid is:

  • A lifetime of aftercare including fittings, cleanings, check-ups and an annual hearing evaluation
  • A 3-year limited* warranty
  • A 3-year loss and damage protection
  • No copays for the entire life of the device
  • Our full commitment and specialty warranty to guarantee you’ll love your hearing aids

Miracle-Ear’s pricing includes everything- from office visits, fittings and after-care. Whether you’re looking for a cost-effective hearing aid, or top-of-the-line options, we offer hearing devices that give you flexibility in pricing and functionality. Learning what goes into our hearing aids can help you understand the cost of each device.


Lifetime Care

Did you know that our providers can expect to see each of their customers up to 25 times within the first 5 years of purchasing their hearing aids? All of these office visits are included in the price of your hearing aid; you will never pay extra for our care and support.


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Lifetime Care

Cutting-edge Technology

A trusted resource for hearing solutions by Canadians for over 25 years, our company uses state-of-the-art technology to allow each of our customers to experience life at its fullest. We specialize in customizable hearing solutions that feature discreet, comfortable products designed to meet each individual's hearing loss needs.

The hearing aids we offer bring the most advanced technology to make hearing as easy as possible in a variety of environments. The digital noise reduction, directional amplification, and speech isolation are just some of the latest advancements in hearing solutions. With the price of a set of hearing aids, you're not just getting simple amplification devices, you'll be receiving the next level of advanced features such as:

  • A smartphone app to adjust volume, programs, and the directional microphones to focus on the conversation that is most important to you
  • Speech amplification that isolates and highlights the most prominent speaker and reduces unwanted background noise
  • Music enhancement settings to enrich the music for a variety of preferences, whether listening or performing
  • Phone compatability that transmits signal into both hearing aids when talking on the phone
  • Bluetooth connectivity to listen to your phone, music, TV, and other audio devices wirelessly in both ears


Industry-leading Warranty

The price of Miracle-Ear hearing aids includes an industry-leading 3-year warranty*. This covers:

  • Free office visits to make adjustments and ensure your hearing aids are working at peak performance
  • Free personalized programming that customizes your hearing aids to your individual hearing needs
  • Free annual hearing tests, so we know immediately if your hearing aids need to be adjusted due to any changes in your hearing
  • Free cleaning and adjustments any time you feel like your hearing aids need care
  • Same great care and service at any of our locations nationwide

Centre Training and Education

Our goal is to ensure our customers receive the best hearing health care and customer service from our knowledgeable and highly trained hearing care professionals. That's why, in addition to any required provincial certifications or licenses, we provide an extensive internal certification program available to all Miracle-Ear employees. This extensive certification program includes:

  • Approximately eight hours of training and testing for our front office employees. This ensures you will receive the best customer service possible.
  • Approximately 20 hours of extensive training for our hearing care professionals. This rigorous and thorough certification trains our employees to ensure we match the right hearing aid solution for each individual customer's hearing lifestyle and needs.
  • Each employee must re-certify every year in order to maintain the high standard we expect at Miracle-Ear.